The Iranian Rial is the currency of Iran. The currency code for Rials is IRR, and the currency symbol is ﷼.


Freq Used: ﷼500, ﷼1000, ﷼2000, ﷼5000


Freq Used: ﷼1000, ﷼2000, ﷼5000, ﷼10000, ﷼20000, ﷼50000, ﷼100000 website shows the different exchange rates within Iran so visitors like you can make a better decision on where to receive the best exchange rate for your money.

At first you might get a bit confused about money and our two currencies in Iran (Rial and Toman). Dealing with Iranian currency can be a bit tricky: Iran has two currencies. The official currency is Rial (IRR). However, everyone use another currency in everyday exchanges, named Toman. So, how does it work? One Toman is 10 Rials. So, if you have a bank note, or are looking at a menu in restaurant where the prices are in Rials, divide the value by 10 (or simply, ignore one of the zeros!) to know the value in Toman.

In World Economic Forum Global Travel and Tourism Report 2017, Iran is the cheapest destination in the world. Food and accommodation is very cheap and you can easily get lunch or dinner for range between $2 and $5. Ice creams are 30cents. Hotels are in the 30-50 $/night range for 4 stars, 50-100 for 5 stars.

The best option and lowest cost of transportation for travelling from one city to another is hopping on a VIP bus. Just to give you an estimate, here are the approximate prices for the most popular routes:
Tehran – Isfahan: $7 (700000 Rials)
Tehran – Shiraz: $15 (1400000 Rials)

Domestic flights are more expensive: $40-$50 for a flight from Tehran to Isfahan, and $50-$70 from Tehran to Shiraz. The prices go up during the holidays and high season.

Trains are also very convenient to travel on. You can take a train to almost any city all around the country and it would cost you almost as much as a VIP bus.